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Last Magnet for LHC completed on 23 Feb 07

We tested in reality 1384 dipoles, 457 SSSs (Arc +500series) and 94 SpecialSSSs (600 series)

in lieu of 1232 dipoles, 392 SSSs(Arc+500series)and 82 Special SSSs(600 series) needed for LHC Lattice.

All documents related to LHC magnet testing SM18OP Team

  " Operation for LHC Cryomagnet Tests: Concerns, Challenges & Successful Collaboration"       

Invited Talk at Asian Particle Accelerator Confr. APAC 07,  by  V. Chohan


Statistics Till 23rd  February 2007  See old result

2004 Breakthroughs After New Quench Rules......


 Magnets Status : DIPOLE , SSS

 ICS Connections/Disconnections per week/month day in 2005-06

Dipole ARC-SSS (S3)

                    Training Rules for Dipoles and SSS / Flowchart  

 ( Modified Training Rules )
   Dipoles To Do List, (after Thermal Cycle)
   Special for Ansaldo magnet
  SSS To Do List  (SSW, after Thermal Cycle)
   Dipoles Documents   SSS Documents
   Dipoles Report Templates   SSS Report Templates
   Dipoles Test Methods   SSS Test Methods
   Dipoles Training Results (at Today slow)   SSS Training Results (at Today slow)
    ARC-SSS list (Guide Line)


IR-SSS (Special SSS or S4)
   IR-SSS To Do List


   IR-SSS Documents


   IR-SSS list


S6xx series S5xx Series
   IR-SSS Report Templates for S6

  IR-SSS Report Templates for S5

   Hardware connection switch SSS/IR-SSS



Diode Information

   Diode Test list   No Diode Test list

 Other Documents and Information

   Learning Overview & Related Documents around SM18 activities
   Safety Documents
   Conference Presentations & Reviews
   Other Presentations
   Operational Callout Lists
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?
   Short Visit to CERN (Guided Tour)
   SM18 in the News
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