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Categorization of operational problems J. Gore  "Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration" Stanley Humphries
Test Benches Priority Handling A. Tovar Gonzales  SM18 overview D. A. Roy & J. John
Cryo Priorities SM18 Vikas Chauhan  Superconductivity S.Sridhar, P. D. Motiwala
nB.Sasidhar Rao
Shradha Palod
Raghavendra Gangoor
 Important Mail List S.Sridhar
B.Sasidhar Rao
Shradha Palod
Raghavendra Gangoor
 Dipoles Schematics S.Sridhar
SM18 typical test sequence D. A. Roy & J. John  Instrumentation cryogenics in SM18  P. Awale 
Grey book J. K. Mishra & P. D. Motiwala & Naushad Ali & N. V. Thota  Global Architecture of the security system for SMTP G.H. Hemelsoet, P. Legrand  (Origine)
Document on IR-SSS Equipment Support  Quenching and Protection magnet P. Surendran
Numbering of Procedures for Dipoles and SSS    Sigma Delta ADC S. Sharma
Missing SSSs in Sector 8-1   HV Test in Details M. Gandhi, R. Mompo
     Cryogenics for LHC Dipole U. Bhunia