07-07-2005 +New page with stat "where we are ?"
  +Quench rules amelioration
15-06-2005 +New magnet list without diode.
+link to SM18-LHC

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10-03-2005 +Upgrade SSS tested list
  +New Home page
07-03-2005 +Upgrade rota SM18op
  +New CQR
20-02-2005 +MTF passive magnet
  +Upgrade rota SM18op
15-02-2005 +Upgrade Piquet rotas
  +MM2, MM3 for SSS
  +Indico link from V. Chohan presentation in chamonix
  +FAQ 2005 starting up
  +Upgrade SSS template CQW0 and CQW2
30-01-2005 +Upgrade rota SM18op
  +New MTF page.
  +Ansaldo-trip Jan 05
25.01.2005 +Starting up presentation (Gorgio, Richard, Eric )
18.01.2005 +Last photo (SPS visit, St Cergue snow outing)
13.01.2005 +Mailing list modification.
  +News page.
  +Upgrade rota SM18op
  +Upgrade Callout