Operation Team's  Write-ups & Memoranda

    The B Cluster Cryo Issue in Last few Months, 16 Oct 2006 (Table Prepared by Sampath & Tikaria)

    Memorandum - Arc SSS performance, (Click here to see Progressive Quench Performance), Oct 2006  (Table Prepared by Bahuguna)

    Magnet Testing Prognosis, 30/05/2006

   Why are magnets coming back?16/02/2005

    Draft presentation for revision of dipole testing procedure, 04/04/2005

    Memorandum SSW Improvements, 21/10/2005

    Memorandum S4 Improvements, 18/10/2005

    Memorandum CO Improvements, 10/10/2005

    Minutes SSW issues, 22/07/2004

    SSW Improvements, 22/07/2004

    Suggestions for CO, 10/06/2004

    Requests to AB-OP Group Leader, 01/03/2004

    OP requests, 28/07/2003

    Suggestions for Improvements, 01/05/2003

    An Overview of SM18 Cold Test Operation and a Way Forward, Allen, D; Blin, A; Hemelsoet, G -H; Henriksen, J; Mazars, J; Niquille, C; Ottaviani, J, 13/03/2003

    MEMORANDUM, 09/12/2002

    MMP Issues, 01/10/2002