Conference Presentations and Reviews

    "Operation for LHC Cryomagnet Tests: Concerns, Challenges & Successful Collaboration" or "paper",  by VINOD CHOHAN , 30/01/2007

    "Operational experience with 600 series SSS magnets working at 4.4K" , by VINOD CHOHAN ,21/11/2006

    "SM-18 Magnet Test Operation - Status & Outlook" , by VINOD CHOHAN , 08/02/2006

    "Icalepcs" or "paper", by GEORGES HENRY HEMELSOET, 10/10/2005

    "WAO2005 The SM18 Tests facility presentation" or "paper", by VINOD CHOHAN, 27/05/2005

    "WAO2005 SMTMS" or "paper", by GEORGES HENRY HEMELSOET, 27/05/2005

    "WAO2005 Hardware Commissioning" or "paper", by GUY CROCKFORD, 27/05/2005

    "PAC2005 presentation" or "paper", by VINOD CHOHAN, 20/05/2005

    "Analysis on Number of people per shift & Tests conducted per shift", by VINOD CHOHAN, 16/03/2005

    "Chamonix Presentation", by VINOD CHOHAN,  (Indico link), 25/01/2005

    Review of the Tests of Superconducting Magnets in SM18, by Vinod Chohan, 14 January 2005

    "Conclusions of the December 2003 review of cryomagnet tests (Ph. Lebrun)", LHC/MARIC-85-2004 see chapter 4, 4 February 2004

    "Follow-up Review of Reception Tests of CryoMagnets", by Vinod Chohan, 16 December 2003

    "Conclusions of the follow up review of LHC cryomagnets dec03", by Ph Lebrun, 16 December 2003

    "SM18 for DUMMIES or Guide routard pour les nuls", by VINOD CHOHAN, 06/2003